Martina Spiritual Renewal Center

Our Mission

Martina Spiritual Renewal Center is a ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit providing Gospel hospitality through the welcoming presence of our staff, offering Christian programming, and hosting groups of the Judeo-Christian faith tradition desiring growth and renewal in their spiritual life. Come and be at peace.

Our Philosophy

At Martina Spiritual Renewal Center, we seek to provide a place where God’s people may “come apart and rest awhile,”

  • to hear God’s Word,
  • to listen to God’s voice in silence and prayerful reflection,
  • to be strengthened spiritually and invigorated with a renewed desire to be Christ for others, and to bring Christ to those whom they encounter in their daily lives.

We extend hospitality and service to individuals and to all groups within the Catholic community as well as to people of other Judeo-Christian faiths. No one will be denied the opportunity to experience God and to grow in her/his relationship with God due to inability to pay.

Under the light and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we strive to provide an atmosphere of peace and quiet at the Martina Spiritual renewal Center by our presence, our personal involvement, and service and human resources, as we minister with warmth and simplicity in a spirit of love and joy. We work always within the structure of the Church, always in accord with its teachings.

Rationale for Ministry in Light of the Mission and Charism of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit

As sisters dedicated to the third person of the Trinity our consecration calls us to respond daily in faith, hope, and love through openness and docility to the transforming action of the Holy Spirit. In light of this call, this charism, and our mission to be Christ for others we therefore share in the process of transformation of and with others and the world by providing a place for people to “come apart and rest awhile” so as to better hear and bear the Spirit’s call in their own lives. Providing this sanctuary includes being women open to the Holy Spirit, women whose spirituality is all-inclusive due to the very nature of the embrace of the Holy Spirit in our own lives. In light of this, we are called within this ministry and within all of our community ministries to become models of the Holy Spirit’s embrace, presence, and power. It is in the sharing of who we are in the Holy Spirit that we share in the mission of Jesus, who is the Redeemer. Through Jesus, who lives and reigns with God, the Creator, and the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier we are called to be co-redeemers, to co-create a reconciled and transformed world. The Martina Spiritual Renewal Center through its staff, pleasant surroundings, and programming offers the sanctuary for others to come apart to remember who they most deeply are in God so as to better experience the Holy Spirit in their own lives and the peace that only Christ offers.